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Uplighting Goodwill

Your Wedding, just got that much more Special

We offer an array of services to make that day just a little more special. Like,...

DJ Services, MC, Uplighting,

Dance Lighting is a good way to help transition a wedding into a different vibe. Our Dj will always pick the right songs. Is it time to let loose and start up some party music? You probably don't want Grama and Gramps to see you. We can help that move a


Wireless Microphones aren't just a luxury, they can actually be very useful. Sometime when there is more than 50 people it can be hard to hear him, especially with a Bible in his face. We can set him up with a nice clip on shirt lavaliere microphone. Everyone will now know what is happening at the Reception. Usually the pastor is the one making the announcement of were to go next. Your guests understanding what is happening can make or break the reception


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Installations for House of Worship and Businesses



It doesn't matter the size, budget, or type of Church. Let us talk you through the steps of upgrading your current sound system and/or stage lighting. We put the control back in your hands. Literally! We'll help you better understand what is going on back in the media room and have you twisting knobs and pushing faders.

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United Methodist


There a few common issues we encounter when doing a consultation. The biggest one being that no one can hear. Understand that there are certain frequencies some individuals just can't hear well. There is also the heard off hearing. The problem is you can't please everyone. It is just not possible. There will always be someone who has an issue with the sound. We are here to fix that so it's a thing of the past.

There might be buzzing when the sound is on but nothing being played. Wireless microphones are inconstant and will  feedback or blast static noise. 

First thing we do, is get in the Church, turn on the lights, and play some music. We will immediately determine the quality of the system and overall scene the stage is setting. 

Next you will explain you're needs, expectations, and goals for the project. Sometimes it is just using what you have and adding to the existing equipment. Knowing your budget helps us take every dollar, and apply it towards what would be most beneficial.  

We will then provide 3 different types of products in 3 different price categories for your to review. 

After the church has approved the stage and sound designs, our crew will get to work. Depending on the size of the job it will take anywhere from 1-3 days. Typically


With readouts of the speaker system design, you can see visually what the audio is doing in your sanctuary. We can provide audio coverage readouts in a 4 dB range. We can measure the RT-60 time, which is the time it takes for the reverb to decay. Then provide you with a great way to determine frequencies to cut out of the speakers and information to help with sound treatment placement and amount. 

rt-60 small.jpg

RT-60 Readout

Terminal Station

Sound training of your church members or staff can be done after installation. We make things simple to understand by making it easy to operate. Even if something happens after we do the training, we will happily come out to address the issue. It's usually a kid or amateur who doesn't thinks he can do it. Manuals are also always provided.


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