Our Trip to MMI Rental and RiTE Media Group

Last Tuesday we had the privilege to go up to the beautiful city of Atlanta Georgia and take a very insightful tour of some pretty cool places. MMI is one of the largest audio/visual rental providers in the country and Seeing how they run business from a day to day basis has definitely given us some ideas on how to improve service to our customers and make things a little easier on us at the warehouse. Being in the presence of that much equipment gives you a subtle feeling of being overwhelmed. In a good way of course. Its incredible to see what all they have collected of 40+ years of being the best in the bus. There is alot to learn from our buddy Tom McCampbell and all the guys at MMI

However, That's not all we got to see. We were also able to run over to RiTE Media Group and check out what goes on behind the scenes of one of the leading Film/Commercial companies in the world. As soon as you turn the fist corner, there is a two million dollar robot staring you in the face. These guys really know the meaning of patience. Taking 8-12 hours for a minuet and thirty long video can be pretty tedious. Nevertheless, the folks at RiTE Media are on top of the game. Thank you to Sam Green for the tour.

We appreciate both companies taking time out of their day to help show us how to be the best that we can. It was a great experience and we look forward to more learning and growth.