Quality, Quality, and Quality.

We believe in a higher standard for live sound and with over 20 years of combined experience our goal is to ensure your event runs smoothly and your audience is able to enjoy the most out of your event.

  • Live Band – Monitor mixes? DI Boxes? Yep we’ve got them, we’ll worry about that and let you get back to making your event the best it can be!

  • Sound Reinforcement for Outdoors – Want to feel the music? Literally? We’re your guys. Let us make your show the clearest sounding event you've experienced.

  • Acoustically challenging venue – Louder is not always better. Our experience at Corner Concerts with hosting shows in non-traditional, vacant buildings has given us quite a few tricks to provide sound and cut back on feedback, echoes or other distractions.


                SMALL PA PACKAGE - $150

Indoors, Tailgating. No event is too small for us. Our smaller speakers can be discrete and won’t take up your needed event space.

-Up to three microphones

-One state of the art Electro-Voice Loudspeaker w/stand (1000 Watts/127 dB)

-50' extension cable


Do you need a professional sound system set up for a live band? The Medium Package includes everything that you'll need. It even includes an onsite audio engineer to keep the band sounding their best. 

-2 QSC Loudspeakers w/stands (2000 Watts/131 dB)

-Up to 16 Channels 

-Great for live bands

-Onsite sound engineer


The big one. With an included engineer, stagehand, and all the equipment that you need to host large events, this is the go to package for festivals and concerts, alike. 

-2 JBL Main Speakers (2 12" loudspeakers and a tweeter in each)

-2 Yamaha Subs (Daul 18" woofers in each)

-3 On stage monitors

-Up to 16 Channels


-Onsite Sound Engineer


-6000 Watts of combined power

- Great for larger events of 200+ people