We rent professional quality very bright LED par can lights that provides 16 different preset colors  and are very low-profile. These lights work fantastic for lighting events, parties, stages, and weddings. You have your choice of setting them to a single color, or you can choose from one of the patterns. The sound activated pattern is very fun for your dance/party time.


Accent Uplighting    4 - Chauvet EZ Pars LED Uplights -   $125.00

Moderate Coverage   8- Chauvet EZ Pars LED Uplights -   $200.00

Double Coverage12 - Chauvet EZ Pars LED Uplights - $300.00

Triple Coverage        16 - Chauvet EZ Pars LED Uplights - $400.00

Maximum Coverage 20 - Chauvet EZ Pars LED Uplights - $500.00

Custom Uplighting  Need More than 20 Lights?

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Our wireless uplights can be set to almost any shade of color with the push of a button. Colors can be programmed using the remote control, or using the menu buttons on each individual light. The remote can program multiple lights at the same time - just point the remote at all lights that you wish to program. These are the perfect option for areas without outlets, or creating glow effect in hard to reach areas. The wireless uplights are powered by rechargeable batteries that last for at least 8 hours.


Perfectly accent your indoor or outdoor venue and create your WOW factor.